Another Unusual Wooden Table

Antique cash registers often sat on top of a wooden base that held the cash register drawer. The wooden bases make fabulous tables!


example of cash register with wooden base

I recently made a cash register base table but I was able to acquire another one and wanted to try something different with this one! 



The top of my first one had a hole in the top for which I cut out a wood shape to fit. This second one has an interesting “well” in the top, and a hole, both which needed to be filled. (the hole is where the mechanical arm went from the cash register down through the hole to operate opening the drawer inside the wooden base)

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Building a Live Edge Wood Table with Resin Pools

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I have always wanted to try and build a live edge wood table. I wanted the kind with little cracks and wells in them so I could fill it with colored resin. Through a lot of trial and error, I did it! And I learned a lot in the process for the next live edge resin table. (Yes, next!)

The one I chose was a teak “starfish” imported from Indonesia. It was 3″ thick and 36″ wide at its widest point and weighed 50lbs.

Here’s a video talking about what I planned to do for this project:

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A Rescued Card Catalog

I recently found this beautiful card catalog chest, most likely from the 1940s and came from a dentist office. It may look perfect on the outside, but it looks like besides its time  in the dentist office, it spent a little time getting wet as the drawers were pretty rusty. A little rusty metal can be fixed, but the wood was in fabulous condition!

card catalog

I cleaned the drawers with soap and water first and then used a Rust Dissolver to get rid of the excess rust. You should spray it on and let it sit for 15-30 minutes before washing off. Continue reading

A Factory Cart Coffee Table

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I’ve always wanted to transform an old industrial cart into a coffee table. I finally found one recently. This one actually has 2 levels and gorgeous original hardware. It did have 2 vertical “push handles” that I sawed off. (see nubs on left picture. I later sawed those down to be level with the top)

I found out this factory cart came out of a cigar factory in Dallastown, PA. Research seems to point to the William H. Raab Cigar Factory, which first opened for business in 1871. The last news I see of it is that Raab continued his business with his sons in 1927. That’s the best I could date it! Continue reading

An Unusual Wooden Table

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Early 1900s cash registers are beautiful and ornate. Sometimes they are fully restored and look beautiful in your home.

Sometimes they fall into disrepair over the years, but so much can be salvaged from them and given new life. Often the cash register would sit on top of a wooden base with the cash drawer inside. That was just how I found this orphan cash register base and I decided it would make an amazing table!

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How to Salvage a Broken Sewing Machine

I absolutely love the architecture of antique sewing machines. Unfortunately, when I find them, they are not always in the best of shape to continue their life as a sewing machine. So I lovingly re-purpose as many pieces as I can. I found this New Home sewing machine that most likely dates back to the early 1900s at Community Forklift in MD. (One of my favorite places to shop!) Always a bonus when you find the users manual still in the drawer!

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Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

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Making ordinary things extraordinary things. In high school I was very interested in fine arts and my high school art teacher used to talk about “making the ordinary extraordinary”. The assignment was to find an ordinary item and create a piece of artwork from it. I remember I chose this old, bent metal measuring spoon we had in our kitchen. (looking back it was the perfect piece of vintage decor and I wish I still had it!) I drew it on a giant piece of paper, noting all its beautiful curves and shadows. By doing that exercise, I first learned to appreciate the ordinary.

And now I truly appreciate old items from the past. Before plastic and mass manufacturing. Before things fell apart after a small amount of use. When things were handcrafted with care and precision.

Things that others would throw away I’ve given new life to. I see things that not everyone sees. Sometimes this keeps me awake at night, lol. Everyone has a gift of “seeing things” and seeing potential when others might not. And that’s what makes everyone so unique!

These wall hooks were made out of discarded, ordinary items. Drawer fronts, broken chair backs. An old wooden, non-functioning level. A once dusty and dirty drawer front now sits in someones bedroom holding jewelry. Holding hats and keys in a hallway.

Maybe I identify with “throwaway things” because for a long time in my life I wrongly believed that about myself. I let someone else define me as “not enough” or “unworthy”.
Since leaving that relationship it took a number of years to undo that kind of thinking. Making the ordinary into extraordinary really helped me in the healing process and believing in myself again.

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Transform a Boring Thrift Store Table

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Sometimes I see pieces and I love part of it but hate the rest. Sometimes, I am lucky enough to get a chance to change that piece. In this case, the table top was beautiful; it reminds me of a vintage bar countertop. But the table base was just not doing it for me. So much wasted space underneath barred by this bulky wooden base!

So I was pretty excited to see that the base came apart from the top! I had the perfect table legs at home to complete this thrift store makeover. Maximizing the space underneath has completely transformed this piece! It would also be perfect in a mudroom, with shoe shelving underneath.


A Library Card Catalog; A Blast from the Past

I am fully immersed in today’s digital world just like everyone else, but there are certain things I just prefer “old school”. I will still read a physical book over an electronic one. I still write in an actual journal. So when I saw this vintage card catalog, I had big dreams for it!

Before Google, there was this powerful wooden search engine god, organized alphabetically. I still remember the smell of the yellowed index cards and the crooked, grainy typewriter ink.

And what better future purpose than as a vintage end table with hairpin legs?

This beauty has gone on to its forever home, but my passion is creating furniture out of unsuspecting items.

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