Junk to Jewelry

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Up til now, when working with epoxy resin, I’ve focused on bigger ticket items like furniture and wall art. But this holiday season, I wanted to focus on smaller items. So why not take my theory of ordinary every day items and make them into jewelry?

I’ve always been fascinated with old industrial parts. I inherited a workshop full of antique cash register parts and always wondered what in the world I would do with them. Then it dawned on my how amazing they’d look in resin!

At first I made some bigger art pieces with them before moving to jewelry. I only partially submerged the parts to give it a fabulous textured look.

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Antique Dough Tray Coffee Table

I have always wanted to create a table like this but often these dough tray have round bottoms which you can’t attach legs to, or the well is too deep, etc. I have always loved dough trays since they are carved out of one solid piece of wood!

This one has a nice flat underside for table legs and a nice flat top side for a table surface.

I start by adding several coats of clear lacquer to give it a clear, shiny protective finish without taking away from its original patina.

I wanted the table to be unique so I decided to add removable, sliding trays to the top. I bought a piece of cherry for a contrasting wood color and cut it into 3 pieces.

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Card Catalog Coffee Table with a Barn Wood Top

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These single row 5 drawer card catalog configurations make amazing coffee tables!

My very first card catalog coffee table

Often these card catalogs were part of a bigger system and therefore don’t have a top or a finished top. I recently found another (they are hard to find!) – this particular one also is a “newer” one with some lovely, groovy 70s yellow varnish, wooden drawer fronts, amazing hardware and plastic drawers.

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Antique Coffee Box End Table

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I found this amazing, antique Dwinnel-Wright shipping crate with 2 unique paper labels that were in great condition despite the 1906 date on it!

This box was a perfect candidate for a rustic end table with storage, but needed a lot of repair work and I needed to preserve those paper labels. I use Mod Podge to preserve vintage paper labels. I use a paintbrush to gently apply the Mod Podge. Use a throwaway brush as the glue doesn’t wash out well. It looks scary at first but dries clear and helps preserve the label from further flaking.

The lid was also in 2 pieces so I used a piece of wood and glued it underneath to hold the 2 pieces together. I also stained the wood so that it better matched the rest of the wood. Because of the age of the box and missing pieces from the lid, the pieces did not line up perfectly, but I think that adds to the character of the box!

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Upcycled Vintage Garden Containers

I always say to make the ordinary extraordinary. Rather than buy a bunch of mass manufactured pots, I decided to gather together a collection of eclectic, ordinary, every day, rusty, vintage containers. Some of these I did go out an buy at vintage/antique stores, but some I had lying around in my project room!

Just use your imagination! For mine, I chose some old milking buckets, glass light fixture globes, kitchen items, a rusty wire fruit basket, and a John Deere rusty wagon bed. (See final photos for finished results!)

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