A Whimsical Christmas

I am always looking for ways to decorate with ordinary vintage and rustic items. After seeing bundles of sticks for sale at the local craft store, I had an idea to create a sort of “Dr. Seuss Christmas”. Since I live in the woods, I gathered a bunch of sticks (for free!)

I then spray painted some silver and some in a candy cane pattern. No need to be perfect with it, that’s kind of the point!

For the first set, I arranged them in a rusty bucket with some pine branches. But you can arrange them in any type of container!

I used these on my porch and I love the results!

How to Make Vintage Christmas Centerpieces

Last Christmas I made some fabulous Christmas planters with vintage kitchen utensils. I decided to try some this year with some different vintage items.

I found these amazing vintage tins and thought they would look just as great as Christmas centerpieces! I just love the red and green pop of color and the graphics! (These vintage Christmas centerpieces are available now in my shop!)


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Easy to Make Vintage Christmas Wreaths

These vintage Christmas wreaths are available now in my shop!

I have always loved this gorgeous, red metal go cart wheel. I’ve had it for quite awhile and although it’s a great architectural salvage piece as is, it occurred to me that it would look amazing as a Christmas wreath! And actually, you can make these fabulous farmhouse Christmas wreaths with just about any vintage wagon wheel.

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A Merry Farmhouse Christmas

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My favorite place to rescue junk is from individuals. I love talking with them and hearing the stories behind the pieces. The thrill of the hunt is always a great high and at this lovely car restorer’s home, I found this fabulous oil drip pan.


It may be plain looking and dirty, but with a little elbow grease and cleaning, I made a gorgeous farmhouse Christmas wreath! This oil drip pan is too fabulous for just Christmas! You can easily switch out the floral and the sign for any season! Continue reading