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Paint Palette - option 1 - 6" x 8", 5 holes

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Product Details
  • These palettes will not contain paint.
  • Burn designs are completely random and specific designs are not available. Size is approximately 6" x 8" and wood is selected by what I have in stock. Resin placement is dependent on the live edge wood in stock and the burn design. Palette will look similar to the ones pictured.
  • Colors: Choose up to 3 resin colors, by writing them in the text box: 1 main color and 2 accent colors. I will pour the resin with specific colors you've chosen (main and accent), but no specific design or layout can be chosen. I will message you after with specific colors (Ex - 3 blue options) within the colors you have chosen.
  • Includes: five 1" holes (hole placement is determined based on location of burn designs/resin)
  • The palette will take 5-7 weeks to complete and ship.

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