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Up til now, when working with epoxy resin, I’ve focused on bigger ticket items like furniture and wall art. But this holiday season, I wanted to focus on smaller items. So why not take my theory of ordinary every day items and make them into jewelry?

I’ve always been fascinated with old industrial parts. I inherited a workshop full of antique cash register parts and always wondered what in the world I would do with them. Then it dawned on my how amazing they’d look in resin!

At first I made some bigger art pieces with them before moving to jewelry. I only partially submerged the parts to give it a fabulous textured look.

Once I knew that worked, I moved to smaller jewelry molds. In addition to my antique cash register parts, I bought a box of jumbled, broken watch parts. I am probably the only nerd on the planet that thoroughly enjoyed looking through that box! I just love preserving old things that were so well made. Not forgetting the care that went into creating basic, everyday items.

From there, I started experimenting with scrap wood, my handpicked shells and other natural materials.

The hardest part about these projects are the jewelry molds. For my bigger molds, I was able to purchase more expensive, well made molds. The only jewelry molds I could find where the cheaply made ones on Amazon. šŸ™

Side note: I much prefer to buy my raw materials and equipment from small businesses. So I avoid Amazon and go to US based Etsy or Ebay shops, local small shops or in some cases, handpick it in nature myself!

Battling the bubbles in the resin required use of a propane torch. The bubbles get stuck easily in between the materials I was using, and heat up quickly with a torch, thus accidentlly “cooking” the mold. When you pull the piece out of a cheap mold, it rips šŸ™ I did notice that spraying with my mold release ahead of time did help.

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