Antique Coffee Box End Table

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I found this amazing, antique Dwinnel-Wright shipping crate with 2 unique paper labels that were in great condition despite the 1906 date on it!

This box was a perfect candidate for a rustic end table with storage, but needed a lot of repair work and I needed to preserve those paper labels. I use Mod Podge to preserve vintage paper labels. I use a paintbrush to gently apply the Mod Podge. Use a throwaway brush as the glue doesn’t wash out well. It looks scary at first but dries clear and helps preserve the label from further flaking.

The lid was also in 2 pieces so I used a piece of wood and glued it underneath to hold the 2 pieces together. I also stained the wood so that it better matched the rest of the wood. Because of the age of the box and missing pieces from the lid, the pieces did not line up perfectly, but I think that adds to the character of the box!

My go to for table legs is almost always handmade, steel hairpin legs which you can find on Etsy. They come with pre-drilled holes and  are relatively easy to screw to the underside of your piece, although it depends on the thickness of the wood.

When making furniture of this kind, it’s always important to look at the underside of your piece before buying and determine if the bottom of it is level,  if it is wood, if it is thick enough wood to support at least 3/4″ screws (otherwise you have to use machine screws and bolts and go through the inside of the piece and out through the bottom) and if there is an appropriate amount of surface are to support the L bracket of the legs.


The results are totally fabulous, and with the help of Stella, I got some great photos! Give this vintage end table a forever home, now available in my shop!

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