Upcycled Vintage Garden Containers

I always say to make the ordinary extraordinary. Rather than buy a bunch of mass manufactured pots, I decided to gather together a collection of eclectic, ordinary, every day, rusty, vintage containers. Some of these I did go out an buy at vintage/antique stores, but some I had lying around in my project room!

Just use your imagination! For mine, I chose some old milking buckets, glass light fixture globes, kitchen items, a rusty wire fruit basket, and a John Deere rusty wagon bed. (See final photos for finished results!)

Make sure to add holes for water to exit using a drill and bits made for cutting through metal.


Next, just add your potting soil and plants! I like to vary the heights on the tables to make it more aesthetically pleasing! For that I used some old crates, pieces of wood, and or course different size containers.

You can even be creative with the tables you use! One table I made from a iron sewing machine base and Hoosier Hutch enamel top. I’m looking forward to watching these grow fuller over the summer – I prefer the “wild and overgrown” look!

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