How to Make Vintage Christmas Centerpieces

Last Christmas I made some fabulous Christmas planters with vintage kitchen utensils. I decided to try some this year with some different vintage items.

I found these amazing vintage tins and thought they would look just as great as Christmas centerpieces! I just love the red and green pop of color and the graphics! (These vintage Christmas centerpieces are available now in my shop!)


These were a little rusty so I washed out the excess and sprayed them with Rustoleum.


Then I bought long stem Christmas greenery at the craft store and some craft foam. You will also need bolt or wire cutters to cut apart the greenery.

The foam can be easily cut with a serrated knife to fit the space. I fill mine up half – 3/4. Then I cut up the greenery and placed them until I was satisfied with how it looked.

I just love the results! These vintage Christmas planters are available now in my shop!

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