Easy to Make Vintage Christmas Wreaths

These vintage Christmas wreaths are available now in my shop!

I have always loved this gorgeous, red metal go cart wheel. I’ve had it for quite awhile and although it’s a great architectural salvage piece as is, it occurred to me that it would look amazing as a Christmas wreath! And actually, you can make these fabulous farmhouse Christmas wreaths with just about any vintage wagon wheel.

I stopped by my local craft store to get some Christmas greenery and ribbon. Don’t worry if it’s in large bunches, it’s actually more cost effective this way and you can cut it up into smaller pieces. (I’ve found cutting these apart works best with wire cutters or bolt cutters)

You can really arrange the greenery, berries and ribbon any way you want. Just use a hot glue gun to attach. Wheels with a larger flat surface area work best for this project. The green spoke wheel was definitely a bit trickier to glue greenery to. I chose a simple twine to hang my wreaths.

Don’t worry about it looking messy with the glue! There are plenty of ways to hide it. I chose to put my greenery in 2 different directions, so the ribbon and bow hides the spot where the greenery is glued quite well. There was also another unsightly glue spot and I just placed a berry strategically over that area.

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These vintage Christmas wreaths are available now in my shop!

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