How to Display Vintage Paper Advertisements

I’ve always loved picking vintage advertising, but the signs can often be so expensive. I recently found these vintage paper advertisements taken from newspapers and magazines and had an idea about how to display them on the wall, given that their odd sizes make it hard to frame. Besides, I like this rustic idea better!

I decided I would attach them with mod podge on a rustic piece of wood. Now, it would be so easy to just grab a pre-made, blank, vintage-inspired wooden sign from the craft store (which you can do!).

However, other than greenery/floral and drawer hardware, I prefer to work with authentic vintage materials only.

I had recently salvaged this barn wood from a falling down 1800s barn. It must have come from a piece of dovetailed furniture and even had the original square nails in it! To preserve the character and uniqueness, I decided to leave the nail there.

I cut the wood down to the size I needed and sanded it. (the remainder of the wood would be saved for the next piece of advertising). Then I applied a coat of stain.

Mod Podge is great for preserving old paper. You apply a layer underneath and glue it down. Once it dries, you apply a layer on top and it dries clear, creating a smooth, shiny finish.


Then I just added hanging hooks to the back.


The results are fabulous! These beautiful vintage advertisements are available now in my shop!

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