A Rescued Card Catalog

I recently found this beautiful card catalog chest, most likely from the 1940s and came from a dentist office. It may look perfect on the outside, but it looks like besides its timeĀ  in the dentist office, it spent a little time getting wet as the drawers were pretty rusty. A little rusty metal can be fixed, but the wood was in fabulous condition!

card catalog

I cleaned the drawers with soap and water first and then used a Rust Dissolver to get rid of the excess rust. You should spray it on and let it sit for 15-30 minutes before washing off.

Rust Dissolver isn’t really meant to use unless you’re planning on painting over it, as it leaves behind a white residue. It doesn’t get rid of all the rust, but once painted, it looks a lot better than before!


I wanted a flatter, more function drawer area, so I found some wood at the hardware store to make drawer inserts.

I also created a similar wooden insert for the shelf with the horizontal door. I found this wood at the hardware store, I chose poplar.

I cleaned the wood with Wise Owl Furniture Salve. It gives the wood new life and a nice shine!

I love how this card catalog chest turned out! This piece has gone on to its forever home, but I have other fabulous vintage furniture pieces available for sale!

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