How to Salvage a Broken Sewing Machine

I absolutely love the architecture of antique sewing machines. Unfortunately, when I find them, they are not always in the best of shape to continue their life as a sewing machine. So I lovingly re-purpose as many pieces as I can. I found this New Home sewing machine that most likely dates back to the early 1900s at Community Forklift in MD. (One of my favorite places to shop!) Always a bonus when you find the users manual still in the drawer!

  1. Re-purpose the iron base and make a table.
    These iron bases are perfect for holding a new table top! They have 4 simple screw holes at the top, which makes it easy to attach a new top. There are dozens of ideas for tabletop ideas, but I chose a piece of enamel that was originally part of a Hoosier Hutch.Here’s a video that talks about how I attached it:

    Generally speaking, your iron base is probably in bad shape and will need to be cleaned first. I used a wire brush, rough sponge, steel wool and a good old fashioned toothbrush.IMG_3427
    I actually love the patina, so I didn’t want to spray paint it black. Instead I used Rustoleum clear enamel, which did darken it slightly and gave it a smooth, even finish. I also used this same spray on the enamel, as it had a beautiful, rusty patina I wanted to preserve!

    And the results are fabulous! This would make a great breakfast nook table, or kitchen table in a small kitchen or a plant stand on a covered porch! Available for purchase now in my shop!

    2. Re-purpose the drawers.
    I especially love the drawers with the ornate detail on them like these drawer pulls! These drawers make fabulous decorative containers or even wall shelves! I used linseed oil to clean them and that’s it! (You can find this at your local home improvement store in the paint section with the paint thinners and strippers) It really gives the wood new life and a nice shine!



    3. Use the decorative woodwork on your wall or shelf.
    They just don’t make furniture like they used to, with all this detailed woodwork. Don’t throw away these gorgeous pieces! They look fabulous on your wall or on a shelf!

    The last 3 pictures above actually came from a different machine, and the drawer was broken altogether. I include them here for the same reason!


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