3 Ways to Upcycle an Antique Cash Register

I just love early 1900s brass and nickel cash registers! Often times I come across ones that look beautiful but no longer work. For these situations, there are 3 fabulous ways to upcycle the parts!

1.) Upcycle the drawers.
There are so many amazing ways to repurpose these beautiful drawers! Usually you will find them pretty dirty, so first clean with a wet rag. Then use Wise Owl Furniture Salve or Linseed Oil to polish the wood. You will probably need q-tips to get in the corners and crevices!

Next I recommend a few coats of clear lacquer. This will protect the wood and give it a nice shine.


These drawers have endless uses!

2) Upcycle the flags.

Also, often very dirty, you can use an automotive wax or simply steel wool (rub gently so you don’t take off too much paint) This particular automotive wax really isn’t “waxy” it’s more like a gel.

These flags look fabulous as part of your vintage decor! I just put them in a glass far and it’s the perfect “vintage bouquet”.

3.) Upcycle the brass (or nickel)

Now maybe you’re thinking what in the world could I use all these odd shaped, heavy pieces of metal for? Keep reading, I promise it’s amazing!

The design and detail on these pieces in incredible.

But they most likely need to be cleaned. For this it takes a few steps.

  • I start with just a sponge and warm soapy water.
  • Next, I use Nevr Dull. (You can also use a product called Brasso) It’s basically just a giant piece of cotton soaked in cleaner. Just pull off a small piece and start working in small areas.
  • You’ll most likely need a good old fashioned toothbrush for some scrubbing in the details.
  • Wash it off with soap and water, otherwise the left behind cleaner often leaves a green hue.
  • Then you can dry it off with a towel.

    It won’t get it completely clean, but it shines it up and takes off the “green gunk”.

    Decorating with these pieces is really quite simple. Just start with a table against a wall or a study shelf (these are heavy!) An just arrange them how you’d like.

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    Flags and brass
    Cash register drawer

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