A Re-purposed Antique Cash Register Drawer

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We recently befriended an older gentleman that restores and collects antique cash registers. These 1900s cash registers have so much beautiful detail on them!

I was able to look through this man’s giant workroom of spare parts and find these gorgeous vintage drawers. They even have the original dated manufacturing labels on them!

These drawers needed a lot of cleaning before they could really shine. Since there was a lot of loose dirt and dust, I started to with a wet rag and some good old fashioned q-tips to get in the corners!

The next step was a second cleaning to bring out the grain of the wood and its natural shine. For this, I love using Wise Owl Lemon Verbena Furniture Salve. Smells great and easy to apply with an old rag.

Finally, I added a CrystaLac Protective Polyurethane. I love this product. I can use it indoors because it has no smell! This keeps me busy during the winter months since I don’t have to be outside. The results are beautiful!

I love how versatile this re-purpose is! Perfect for hanging on the wall to store essential oils or little trinkets. Or make it into a tray for jewelry or vintage bottles…

These are currently sold out although I have more I haven’t started on. But check out my shop to see what other vintage home decor options there are for antique cash registers!

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