The Discarded Sewing Table

[this vintage table available now in my shop!]

I rescued this table here in VA; most people wouldn’t want it the way it was, since Martha Washington Sewing tables in excellent condition are quite coveted. The left side was broken off. Those curved sides are quite fragile and my carpentry skills are lacking (improving them is on my long to do list!) so I decided to just embrace it as it was.

The wood itself was in great condition but I did sand the top before painting. I loved the architecture of the legs and decided not to paint those. For some reason Nautical blue was calling my name, so I went with it. I always use Zibra painting brushes for furniture projects. I get them from my IG friend Larissa!

I wanted contrasting drawer fronts so I chose some scrap paper and used mod podge to attach it. I also chose some pretty new drawer knobs from Hobby Lobby.

For protective finish, I used CrystaLac Polyurethane. It gives it a crystal clear shiny finish! And NO smelly fumes! (It’s great for using indoors for this VA winter!)

And the results are beautiful! The broken side became a beautiful shelf! The free spirit in me doesn’t really like symmetry anyways! This vintage table is available now in my shop!

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