A Rustic Apple Crate Table

It’s so much fun hunting at barn sales and estate sales for trash to make into treasure! I rescued this apple crate in my home state of Virgina. The words are faded but it says Wildcat Mt Orchard, Warrenton VA. What’s so interesting about this is that the orchard closed back in the 1940s and Wildcat Mt is now just a Nature Preserve. So this apple crate is pretty old! It looks like it’s had quite a few uses since being an apple crate and I am so glad I rescued it. I love the splattered paint patina.

I start this project by hosing all the excess dirt off and allowing it to dry thoroughly. Then I used a damp wet sponge (the rough side) on the more ground in dirt. Then it was ready for several coats of clear lacquer. This preserves the patina without covering it up. Be sure to apply it outside as lacquers are extremely strong smelling. I also use cheap brushes as the lacquer is hard to clean off a paintbrush. I just use it on one project and then throw it away.


I buy my steel hairpin legs online on Etsy; your local craft store may carry them, but the length options are limited and they’re made of a cheaper metal. I’ve used both and prefer the steel hairpin legs (these are definitely more expensive). The legs simply screw in to the bottom of the crate; depending on the size of the holes, you may need washers in addition to the screws.

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This rustic apple crate table has gone on to its forever home but see what other vintage furniture is available now in my shop!


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